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Many of the clients who visit us have enjoyed the special companionship of our partners with paws.  Maybe you have heard of our legendary white Shepherd, Jor, who has greeted clients with great loyalty for nearly 10 years.  He now is enjoying some well deserved time off as an assistance animal emeritus!  And as Jor passes the baton (or should we say biscuit), we welcome his proud successor, Eiler, a young Golden Retriever who is now eagerly learning his new position.

We would like everyone to know that the dogs used in our practice are carefully screened and selected, and have specialized skills as service or therapy animals.  Our new recruit, Eiler, participated in two years of socialization and training before arriving at our office.  While our Therapy Dogs all have appropriate manners, we certainly realize they may not be appropriate for all clients.  So, for those with special conditions that would exclude them from being around dogs (i.e. phobias, allergies, or just plain dislikes), we simply ensure that our four-legged friends are absent from these sessions.

Otherwise, we have seen the comfort and support a Therapy Dog can offer our young clients and we are pleased to have these valuable animal helpers available to the children and families we serve!

Jor Update

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved white Shepherd, Jor, on July 29, 2010. So, in recalling the time Jor faithfully spent with us, I'm sure those of you who spent time with him will join me in offering this farewell:  For all those you offered aid to over the years...and those who still stop and ask me about you years later...good-bye old friend - you will be forever missed and fondly remembered.

Eiler's Origins

Eiler, Therapy DogPlease welcome our new employee, Eiler!  Eiler is a young Golden Retriever and our latest resident (and rookie) Therapy Dog. If you would like to see more of him, check out this segment from a television news story that featured some of his talents. Just click on this link: www.wkno.org/local.html. When you get to that page, just select video preview on the very first story from the list called “The Least Among Us.” Otherwise, Eiler is currently enjoying his new job and his time with the many kids who visit our office. You may also see him in his routine appearances around town as he maintains his public manners.

©2009 Rocky Spino