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What is Play Therapy?

Unlike adults, young children may be unable to effectively discuss their situations due to a variety of factors, including developmental.  Play Therapy can often help by using positive aspects of play to promote communication and change.  Research has shown Play Therapy to be a very valuable tool in helping children manage difficulty, gain self-control, and reduce problem behaviors.

How do I start the counseling process?

When you contact the office, an intake appointment will be set up. During the intake interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss your circumstances and determine if counseling would be appropriate for your child.

What costs are involved?

Fees are comparable to other mental health services in the community. Please see our fee page for more detailed information on costs.

How long will the counseling take?

Curiosity about the length of treatment is understandable.  As you may expect, duration of treatment differs with each individual case.  While we strive toward reasonable time frames and costs for our clients, we also know that it is helpful to view psychotherapy as a process rather than an event.  In general, most clients begin on a weekly basis with an individualized treatment plan worked out within a few visits.  A schedule is then mutually discussed and agreed upon that is suited toward addressing each client’s identified problems, needs, and goals.

Can I use insurance?

Many clients who carry health insurance find that a significant portion of their counseling fees is reimbursed to them by their insurers.  An itemized bill with a record of services rendered is provided at each visit to assist clients in filing their claims and receiving any applicable reimbursement. Please be aware that we do not belong to any insurance networks or participate in any co-pays; therefore, those clients needing to rely on reimbursement under their health plans should consult with the insurer for information on their exact coverage.

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