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At our office your privacy is a priority.  You may rest assured that the care you receive from us, as well as the records pertaining to that care, are treated with the utmost confidentiality.  We will, therefore, share information about you only with your written authorization or as required by law.  Your complete rights in this area are fully explained at the time of the initial intake appointment and as needed during treatment.

A word about technology…

Please be aware that while the security of client information is your right and our responsibility, it cannot be guaranteed with certain kinds of non-office contact like mobile devices or the internet.  For this reason we do not encourage clients to use cell phones or e-mail as a primary means of communicating with their counselor.  Similarly, if it becomes necessary for me to return your call from my cell phone, I will inform you of this so that you may decide how you would like to proceed with the conversation.  Often the content can be made more general and without identifiable information in such brief communications.


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