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We have developed an ongoing list of links here that may be useful to our clients and other website visitors.  These sites can provide more information about specific mental health topics, feature relevant books, videos, and other materials for purchase, or simply offer additional support for those in need.
We hope that this can become a reliable resource for anyone overwhelmed by the quantity of information online that can sometimes be more accessible than it is accurate.

To the extent possible, we will attempt to include the most credible and trustworthy listings on this resource page.  Please understand, however, that the individuals or organizations listed are solely responsible for their claims or content, and sometimes their views may not entirely reflect our own. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, there may be some organizations or online retailers that offer nominal compensation to us for providing links to their websites.  These monies will hopefully help defray the costs associated with providing, maintaining, or expanding this website and our article archives.  And, of course, one final reminder:  This page is for informational purposes only and any information derived here may not necessarily be applicable in your own circumstances.  Most importantly, information presented here is not intended to replace medical consultation or counseling that is often essential in addressing issues of mental health in children.

As always – please consult a qualified professional for more specific and individualized help!!


Rocky's Products

Time Out Tune Up: 10 Easy Steps to Getting Time Out to Work Out with Your Child.  Audio download $5.95 

Do you think that Time Outs simply do not work with your child? Or have you tried using Time Outs with your child but given up? When done right, Time Outs are an incredibly effective and flexible method for modifying problem behaviors in kids. My audio program packs in valuable strategies for helping parents and other caregivers get the whole time-out thing done right.

Sorry, not available for order at this time.

Information on ADHD

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder):  A terrific outlet in the mission of providing fact based material about ADHD in children and adults. Please check it out. www.chadd.org

A Family Safe World

Family Safe Media: We like the efforts of this organization and their collection of family-friendly products. A particular favorite is 'The Bob' - a tool that allows parents to set limits on devices like video games and manage their usage electronically. Perhaps a little pricey, but 'The Bob' does offer a practical way for reducing endless arguing and negotiations over those plug-in privileges! www.FamilySafeMedia.com

Parenting Materials

1-2-3 Magic: Managing Difficult Behavior in Children 2-12, a DVD by Dr. Thomas W. Phelan

The Second Family: Dealing with Peer Power, Pop Culture, the Wall of Silence -- and Other Challenges of Raising Today's Teens, a book by Ron Taffel

Parenting by Heart: How to Stay Connected to Your Child in a Disconnected World, a book by Ron Taffel.

Other Links

American Counseling Association: This group helps to establish practice standards for counselors and educate the public on the profession. Check out their counseling FAQ's section for some good general information. www.counseling.org

State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Professional Counselors: Licensing authority in Pennsylvania for the above professions. www.dos.state.pa.us/social

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